Network visibility tools for every sector

Our mission is to optimize monitoring tool usage through a powerful combination of network visibility solutions especially designed for telecom operators, system integrators and probe vendors, as well as for enterprises and data centers. 

Our network visibility products will let you achieve a full understanding of your networks: we grant end-to-end visibility into physical and virtual networks, ensuring total support along the process from consulting to deployment. 

As specialists in networking, we believe in people and in human relations: that’s why we offer a thorough and constant customer care service, following each phase of the project and providing immediate help and assistance in case of any problem. 

Why do you need a network visibility system?

Network visibility is how data is collected, aggregated, distributed and served to the monitoring and analytics tools. Network visibility is also about creating a stable foundation for your security infrastructure.

Nowadays, track and analyze real time traffic data represents a key activity for Telecom Operators, who want to provide top quality service to their customers by preserving performance and stability of their Transmission Network. With the growing volume of data and the increased mobility of users, monitoring and analysis tools are under performing, requiring expensive upgrades.

Empowering Telecom Operators with the network visibility they need into the entire infrastructure is a critical step towards providing accurate, real-time data to analyze network behavior and take appropriate actions.

Microtel Innovation, thanks to the long and qualified experience in this field, can gradually drive your network visibility to the next step, across technology changes and innovations.

The plus of an innovative Network Solution


Optimize your monitoring tools, reduce the costs and expand your business

Custom solutions


Solutions designed to meet your needs and business goals



Obtain a full understanding of your network through detailed traffic information

hybrid visibility


Upgrade your Network Visibility and get ready for future network evolution

Discover our visibility solutions

Core Network Visibility

Microtel Innovation provides several solutions to manage the ever growing GTP-U traffic in mobile core network sites.

TDM to IP Protocol Converters

Microtel Innovation developed a full range of products that implement the conversion from TDM legacy protocols to IP, allowing Telecom Operators to monitor TDM traffic with IP probes.

Network Packet Brokers

Microtel Innovation developed a full range of Network Packet Broker with high performances and feature rich, which support several speeds from 1 Gb/s to 100 Gb/s in just 1U space. 

Network TAPs

Microtel Innovation offers a complete range of Physical TAPs, both copper and optical ones, to mirror the traffic passing between network nodes and send it to the monitoring tools without interfering with the environment.

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