The human side of network visibility

Who we are: we are a team of Telecommunication engineers and we work hard every day to deliver innovative Network Visibility Solutions to the market. Out strong experience in Telecommunications and Traffic Monitoring Applications has enabled us to establish collaborative and profitable partnerships with Universities, Research Organizations and several Associations, creating a Customer oriented business culture.

What we do: we design and implement Network Visibility Solutions to monitor and manage  data traffic from any type of Data Networks. 

Our products are a necessary asset for Operators and IT Managers who want to achieve a full understanding of their networks: we grant them end to end visibility into physical and virtual networks.

How we do it: we believe in relations, and not because we are specialized in network visibility, but in a much broader sense: we like to build strong relationships with our customers, trying to understand their specific requirements and offering custom-designed solutions. These are relationships that do not end as we deliver our solution, but that we like to nourish over time, to be able to provide immediate feedback in case of need. 

Look inside the Network Total Visibility

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Our customers - What makes us special

Customers are at the heart of our philosophy and play a fundamental role in any solution we propose. Our devices make it possible to optimize customersmonitoring and analysis tools, providing the visibility you need; moreover we give strong support during every single stage of the project development, from solution design to deployment.

We leave nothing to chance: we provide site surveys to evaluate the best solution for the destination site, Proof Of Concept (POC) to show our product capabilities and training sessions onsite and in our hands-on lab. Our Technical Support is always guaranteed, both remotely and onsite.

We are much more than network packet broker vendors: in a global market where companies just sell products, we prefer to serve our clients with a complete service.

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Part of Cinetix Group since 2013

We are based in Italy, but we set no limits. In the constant search for improvement and growth, in 2013 we joined Cinetix Group, an industrial group of companies focused on high tech technologies. Since then Microtel Innovation has grown becoming a global company that serves customers around the world. 

Following our global aspiration, in 2019 we inaugurated a commercial office in the US: MINA – Microtel Innovation North America. 

Choose the right product for your needs

In the table below it is possible to compare Microtel Innovation Network Packet Brokers.
To discover more download the technical datasheet or visit the dedicated web page.

Network TAPs


Tapping the network represents the first Visibility activity that needs to be implemented. A network TAP is an external device, inserted at a specific point in the network, that mirrors the traffic that is passing between network nodes, and send it to the monitoring tools without interfering with the network performances.

Network Packet Brokers


Network Packet Brokers are dedicated appliances that elaborate and forward network traffic to monitoring and security tools. The packet broker filters, aggregates, load balance collected traffic information from network links and distributes it to its appropriate network monitoring tools. By having advanced filtering capabilities, an NPB can help provide better data performance, tighter security, and a faster way to determine the root cause of any issues by using advanced application intelligence.

Core Network Visibility


In the recent years, the overall volume of the data moving through mobile networks has dramatically grown, causing several challenges to the existing monitoring tools. As reported by Ericsson Mobility Report June 2021, total global mobile data traffic reached 58EB per month at the end of 2020 and is projected to grow by a factor of close to 5 to reach 300EB per month in 2026. At Microtel Innovation we have developed effective network visibility solutions to deal with all this.

TDM to IP protocol converters


TDM networks are still widely deployed, especially in rural areas and in the international links. Telecom Operator are facing the end of life of their TDM tools, or costly maintenance contracts to keep them alive, while they would prefer to monitor the whole infrastructure using future proof IP monitoring tools. Microtel Innovation Ethernizer are the solution for that.