Network Packet Brokers

Increase network efficiency while simultaneously lowering operators costs.

Network Packet Brokers are dedicated appliances that elaborate and forward network traffic to monitoring and security tools. The packet broker filters, aggregates, load balance collected traffic information from network links and distributes it to its appropriate network monitoring tools. By having advanced filtering capabilities, an NPB can help provide better data performance, tighter security, and a faster way to determine the root cause of any issues by using advanced application intelligence.

Send the right data to the right tools efficiently

In some cases, filtering and aggregating network traffic is not enough to efficiently use monitoring and security tools: Network Operators need NPBs capable to deliver advanced features like header stripping, packet slicing, inner parameters filtering and load balancing, on the same time assuring top performances.

Aster A-640

10/25/40/100G Advanced NPB

L2-L4 Network Packet Brokers

Filter and aggregate data traffic and send them to the analysis tools

Network Packet Brokers are fundamental pieces to build a Network Visibility System. They incorporate features like traffic aggregation, traffic replication, filtering, load-balancing, which are crucial to serve traffic to the monitoring tools.

Aster A-618/A-648e

1/10/25/40/100G ADVANCED NPB

Aster A-660

10/25/40/100G NPB

Network Intelligence Appliance

Optimize data flows to existing security and monitoring tools

Header Stripping and Packet Deduplication are also available in dedicated devices, to be used stand alone or as Network Intelligent Appliances for existing Network Visibility systems.