L2-L4 Network Packet Brokers

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Filter and aggregate data traffic and send them to the analysis tools

Network Packet Brokers (NPB) are fundamental pieces to build a Network Visibility System. The standard features they incorporate are traffic aggregation, traffic replication, filtering, load-balancing, which are crucial to serve traffic to the monitoring tools.

The main purpose of these devices is to optimize the traffic flows towards network security, performance management, and other monitoring tools. After an NPB receives data from network links, it then acts as a “broker” by funneling the relevant data from the network to each tool that needs it.

Here is where Microtel Innovation can help with compact, easy and safe devices.

How Microtel Innovation can help

Microtel Innovation L2-L4 Network Packet Brokers

Microtel Innovation provides a wide range of L2-L4 Network Packet Brokers that can aggregate multiple low-utilization links, apply sophisticated filters and finally balance the output traffic to a limited number of probes with a drastic save in tool’s capacity needed. Our devices support several speeds from 1G b/s, 10 Gb/s, 25 Gb/s up to 40 Gb/s and 100 Gb/s.

All Microtel Innovation NPBs make available to the customer an easy to use and intuitive web based Graphical User Interface, powerful real time statistics and SNMP alarms for easy control of the device behaviour and input/output ports data traffic.

They are deployed in large quantities all over the world, with a proven track record for performance and reliability.

Choose the right product for your needs

Compare Microtel Innovation L2-L4 Network Packet Brokers. Download the technical datasheet or visit the dedicated page.

Product ASTER A-618 ASTER A-648e ASTER A-660
Product image A-618_ant_prosp_DX A-630_ant_prosp_DX A-660C-64C_ant_dim_1
Technical data sheet ASTER A-618 ASTER A-648e ASTER A-660
Switching Capacity 160 Gb/s 2.0 Tb/s 6.4 Tb/s
Max number of 40/100 Gb/s ports 0 8 64
Max number of 25 Gb/s ports 0 128 64
Max number of 10 Gb/s ports 16 128 64
Max number of 1Gb/s ports 16 0 0
NPB Capabilities
L2-L4 filtering, traffic replication and aggregation, Load balancing, Tagging
GRE Tunnel Start/Termination /
Chassis 1U 1U 2U
AC Redundant power supply
DC Redundant power supply
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