Core Network Visibility

Core Network Visibility Solutions

In the recent years, the overall volume of the data moving through mobile networks has dramatically grown, causing several challenges to the existing monitoring tools. As reported by Ericsson Mobility Report June 2021, total global mobile data traffic reached 58EB per month at the end of 2020 and is projected to grow by a factor of close to 5 to reach 300EB per month in 2026. At Microtel Innovation we have developed effective network visibility solutions to deal with all this.

User Plane Visibility

User Plane traffic balancing towards security and monitoring tools

Mobile networks are experiencing a relentless traffic growth in last years: data traffic continues to grow at an exponential rate, driven by mobile video and OTT services. 

Furthermore, the disaggregation of the control plane and physical separation of the control and user planes, actually used in modern networks like LTE CUPS and 5G deployments, adds additional complexity. 

Aster A-640

10/25/40/100G ADVANCED NPB

Subscriber UP/CP Visibility

Reduce Core Network traffic towards security and monitoring tools

Rather than adding new probes with the view of cope with the high traffic flow, the Operator might prefer to reduce user plane traffic sending only the relevant data to the monitoring tools.

XGB A-718/A-720

GTP Load Balancer

XGB A-818/A-820

GTP Session Aware filtering

GTP correlation and filtering