Network Intelligence Appliance

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Optimize data flows to existing security and monitoring tools

Header Stripping and Packet Deduplication are also available in dedicated devices, to be used stand alone or as Network Intelligent Appliances for existing Network Visibility systems.

They can be used to extend the feature set of Network Packet Brokers, maybe already deployed in the Operator Data Centre. In this case it can be more efficient and less costly not to change the existing NPB, which is already properly installed, cabled, configured, and working, but just add a Network Visibility Appliance which will deploy the needed feature.

How Microtel Innovation can help

Microtel Innovation Network Intelligence Appliances

Microtel Innovation Network Intelligent Appliances are smart devices which provide header stripping, tunnel start/termination and deduplication capabilities. Top performances are granted, thanks to their FPGA based design. 

They can be used to optimize the data flows to monitoring and security tool, thanks to header stripping and deduplication features, and to establish dedicated tunnels with virtual Probes or virtual Taps, to send or receive data to/from virtual networks.

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Compare Microtel Innovation Network Intelligent Appliances. Download the technical datasheet or visit the dedicated page.

Product HS1100 DD1100
Product image HS1100_ant_rendering_DX DD1100_ant_rendering_DX
Technical Data Sheet HS1100 DD1100
In/out ports 4X10 Gb/s 4X10 Gb/s
Performances 40 Gb/s 40 Gb/s
Header Stripping /
ERSPAN Tunnel Start/Termination /
Deduplication /
Chassis 1U 1U
AC Redundant power supply
DC Redundant power supply
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