TDM to IP Protocol Converters

Ethernizer - TDM TO IP Protocol Converters

TDM networks are still widely deployed, especially in rural areas and in the international links. Telecom Operator are facing the end of life of their TDM tools, or costly maintenance contracts to keep them alive, while they would prefer to monitor the whole infrastructure using future proof IP monitoring tools. Microtel Innovation Ethernizer are the solution for that.

SS7 to SIGTRAN Signalling Converter

Monitor old TDM nodes with an IP probe

Today, mixed architectures TDM and IP coexist in telecommunication world, becoming a strong barrier to Service Providers who want, or need, to monitor TDM links. Microtel’s Ethernizer family products are what Service Providers need, making possible to manage mixed networks with IP Probes, no matter if IP or TDM technology is used.

E1/T1 Ethernizer
STM-1 Ethernizer

SS7 Voice & Signalling Converter

Feeding an IP probe with TDM Signalling and Voice information

The migration from TDM networks to mixed TDM and IP infrastructures introduces significant challenges, as the Telecom Operators need complete end-to-end Quality of Service visibility, gathering signalling and voice information also from TDM links.

STM-1 Voice and Signalling Ethernizer