GTP White List sampling using Aster XGB A-818

Microtel Innovation Aster XGB GTP Load Adapter is up and running in a major European Mobile Operator, to do session based IMSI white listing and solve monitoring privacy issues

The scenario

  • Actual Monitoring Probes are used to troubleshoot subscriber’s GTP traffic, both control and user plane

The challenge

  • Due to privacy regulations, the Mobile Operator cannot send all subscribers GTP user data flows to the Monitoring Probes
  • This can be done only in a few special cases:
    • When the subscriber authorizes such activity, for example if user plane troubleshooting is needed.
    • With active test units or test phones
  • Moreover, GTP-U traffic is growing, and current monitoring probes are not able to cope with the new increased GTP-U traffic.

The solution

  • Aster XGB A-818 to filter GTP traffic, session based, using IMSI White List.
  • As a result, only the traffic resulting from test phones and from subscribers who gave the authorization is forwarded to the Monitoring Probes.

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