Microtel Innovation launches its new website

After years of activity we have decided that was the right time to change our website experience. In fact, network visibility continually evolves and we want to make telecommunication monitoring easy to understand. The key role played by monitoring equipment year by year has gained importance due to the increasing amount of traffic and the technical sophistication that this industry requires. This is the main reason behind the decision of updating the website with a new, clear and impactful service: offer our clients a better website experience, providing a fast and stable solution to their needs.

In this first article we want to describe our customers the major modifications we adopted.


The story of Microtel logo

The most visible change regards the redesign we made on our historical logo. Microtel Innovation arises from another tech company from which derives the squirrel shape anyone knows. The core competence of the previous company, namely software design and engineering, constitutes the soul of the company even today.

We wanted to preserve our identity, meaning that the company is anchored to its values, but at the same time, we wanted to share a sentiment of newness and freshness. Because this is what is happening inside. Our R&D departments is working hard on the development of new products and solution, with the view of launching innovations useful to the market and to the changing world we are living in. We recognise the value and the performances of our products and solutions, we know that our engineers have e deep and solid knowledge of telecommunications, and also, we are happy to say that our employers are truly passionate about their job. It’s time to communicate clearly who we are, what we believe and how we want to achieve prolific results, and this is our starting point.

Many other news have been implemented on Microtel’s website and we look forward to talking about them in our next article. In the meantime, we hope you are enjoying our new look and feel and  we appreciate any feedback you might share with us.

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