Microtel Innovation site map: values first

In our previous article we focused our story on the company logo, the fundamental element which summaries and expresses the mission of any company. Since many other element contribute to create a good experience we want to keep on describing our customers further changes we applied to the navigation flow of the site.

New homepage and navigation menu, our values first.

When a customer visit a website his main focus is to understand immediately what type of product or service he is looking at. Many website are weak in identity and create confusion to the people landing on their homepage. We tried to make it better. Whenever and whoever lands on Microtel Innovation’s homepage needs to understand where is it and what our company does, but also what values the company believe in.

B2B realities have forgotten how central is telling people who we are first, rather than what we sell. We made our deep knowledge in telecommunication industries our major strength.  In fact, we deeply know service operators and we also know how to support them through the monitoring activity, from the initial counselling to the final deployment.

Only after introducing us and our identity we enter into proper business topics: our homepage has been built as a summary point from where the customer controls the main sections of the whole website products and solutions, but also contacts if he wishes to ask for support.

The menu on the top right of the page will support the customer through the journey, allowing a complementary navigation: on one hand by solutions and on the other hand by products. We added a new section called “solutions” in order to provide our customers with a problem-solving oriented navigation. The choice is particularly useful for new customers who don’t know our product names and need a quick and clear answer to the issue they are trying to solve, but also for our long term customers who aren’t up to date with the latest news.

The renewing process is still undergoing and we would appreciate any suggestions to improve the website experience, so please don’t hesitate to get back to us with your comments at info@microtelinnovation.com.

We hope you will appreciate our efforts and we’ll be pleased to receive any feedback from your side.

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