Microtel launches the new Aster A-XFE Streamliner

Microtel Innovation releases the top performing appliance for mobile user & control plane Advanced Packet Brokering: the new Aster A-XFE Streamliner. 

A-XFE is powered by a double Network Processor fabric, supporting up to 20X100Gb/s ports and combined with the powerful Streamliner Suite applications,  can work as a powerfull Advanced Packet Broker with GTP balancing and filtering functionalities, also providing Advanced Packet Manipulation capabilities.

In fact, thanks to the product architecture,  Telecom Operators are free to implement the configuration and functionalities they need, with the following Streamliner applications:

  • L2-L4 Network Packet Broker, with 20X100Gb/s interface, each one to be used as 100Gb, 40Gb/s or 4X10Gb/s ports, any mixed configuration is possible,
  • GTP Advanced Load Adapter, implementing powerful session based L5-L7 GTP traffic filtering and sampling, with the goal to significantly reduce the probe workload. Several parameters can be used as filtering criteria, between them IMSI, APN, IMEI, RAT, ULI, QCI,
  • Advanced Packet Manipulation (APM), which can smartly reduce the traffic towards the monitoring tools: Deduplication, Header Stripping, Source Port Labeling and Packet Slicing,
  • GTP Load Balancercapable to balance the GTP traffic load across multiple probes in a coherent way, i.e. granting that the whole subscriber session is sent to the same tool.

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