Drop GTP-U traffic to reduce probe workload


The customer, a European telecom operator, asked our support in order to reduce the amount of mobile traffic generated by a specific type of device. The device above-mentioned is a home station appliance, which grants internet services to customers through mobile network. This results in a significant increase of user data traffic within Telecom Operator mobile network.

The Operator’s request then was to filter home station GTP-U traffic at core level with no need to send it to the monitoring tools, while GTP-C traffic still proceeds to the monitoring probes for troubleshooting purposes.


To solve customer’s needs the technical team proposed Microtel Aster A-630C, a powerful L2-L4 packet broker capable of filtering GTP-U Inner IP addresses, both IPv6  and IPv4 are supported.

By setting a simple filter on the management interface Microtel A-630C can identify the home station traffic, routing the user plane to a specific destination while the control plane can proceed to the usual troubleshooting probe.

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