Succesfull PoC to solve privacy concerns

Due to a national strength on privacy rules, in line with the imminent GDPR enforcement, a major European mobile operator asked our support to ensure an efficient troubleshooting activity in its core network, while preserving subscriber data privacy: in fact, subscriber’s data cannot anymore be stored and analysed without an explicit authorization. Moreover, GTP-U traffic is growing and current monitoring probes are not able to manage the new, increased GTP-U traffic.

Based on the criteria above Microtel Innovation provided the solution the client was looking for: the newest XGB GTP Load Adapter A-818, to be deployed in the production network, can correlate and offload GTP user traffic. With this solution in place, only GTP-U traffic belonging to the subscribers who previously agreed are sent to the probes, in full respect of privacy rules: IMSI White List offload method is utilized to filter the traffic in a session based mode.

As an additional benefit, the proposed architecture – besides granting the correct analysis procedure – helped the client dropping off CAPEX costs too, which can become significantly high when it comes to different solution to handle the Core Network traffic increase.


After a successful PoC the client is now in the process of installing and deploying Microtel’s devices in its production network, to grant an accurate troubleshooting activity while preserving subscriber’s privacy, a topic that becomes more and more important given the forthcoming GDPR regulation. 

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