Tier1 Telecom Operator Selects Microtel’s Ethernizers

Microtel Innovation, together with one of its technology partner, have been selected to sign a major deal with a Tier1 Far East Telecom Operator.

The customer need is to monitor many STM-0 channelized links of MG (Media Gateway) Network Nodes transporting International voice SS7 signalling protocol (MTP/ISUP), which are mission critical for the company and can not be transitioned to IP technology.

The request is to monitor them using IP Monitoring tools, in this way getting rid of old and costly TMD probes.

Microtel Innovation Ethernizer is the perfect solution: this unique protocol converter allow protocol conversion from channelized STM-0/SS7 to SIGTRAN, so making possible to monitor TDM links with IP Probes.

Actually, a customized solution is necessary, since the STM-0 interface and SS7 protocol to be monitor is a country variant: no problem at all for the Microtel Innovation R&D team!

First our technicians went into the field getting the exact protocol requirements; then the new protocol was successfully developed using Ethernizer FPGA technology, in our advanced labs in Trento.

Now the devices are being deployed all around the country, making possible to monitor the STM-0 links traffic with the IP Monitoring probes.

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