DNS filtering to secure your network


DNS represents a complex database that resolves human-readable host names into machine-readable IP addresses and it is fundamental to ensure a reliable and secure connection to internet.

Since it represents a threat vector for attacking networks it is crucial to monitor it in order to identify anomalies or malicious attacks. These attacks often occur through the redirection of DNS queries and cache poisoning toward malicious sites, digital footprint, denial of service or even data pull out.

Except security, other reasons for analysing DNS is to measure performances and generate usage statistics. 


Microtel Innovation Aster Packet Brokers, A-618, A-620, A-630C, A-640, A-648 represent the right solution: a powerful range of Network Packet Brokers, capable to filter the network traffic up to layer 4.                                      DNS traffic runs on UDP or TCP Port 53thanks to our Aster Packet Brokers it is possible to filter it and forward the target traffic to the analysis tools. 

This is how the whole DNS traffic can be easily identified and isolated for further analysis.