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Monitor old TDM nodes with an IP probe

Also if Telecom Operators are migrating from Legacy network infrastructures to more scalable, flexible and efficient IP infrastructures, TDM networks are still widely deployed, especially in rural areas and in the international connections.

As a consequence, this migration introduces significant challenges, as the Operators need complete end-to-end Quality of Service visibility, gathering signalling and voice information also from TDM networks, while the monitoring systems they use are more and more focused on IP only probes, as they look for future proof solutions to save money and protect investments. 

How Microtel Innovation can help

TDM to IP Voice and Signalling Converter

In this scenario, the Ethernizer Signaling&Voice can be used to feed IP monitoring probes with both TDM Signalling and Voice information, to provide a complete visibility of the end-to-end connection.

The Ethernizer E-315B  allows to IP Probes to monitor multiple STM-1 links, carrying SS7 Signalling and Voice simultaneously, in a non-intrusive way. 

Following protocol conversion is supported:

  • SS7 (HDLC): Message Transfer Part2 (MTP-2) – User adaptation Layer (M2UA)
  • Voice: RTP (Real-Time Transport Protocol) encapsulation of Voice Data Streams

Moreover, it doesn’t matter if TDM links run far from the IP probe, since Ethernizers allow to backhaul data traffic thanks to the L2GRE/NVGRE tunnel encapsulation functionality.

Typical use cases are QoS monitoring of TDM networks by means of IP Probes, and any other similar situation where the IP probe has to be used to perform TDM Voice analysis.

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 Download the technical datasheet or visit the dedicated page.

Product E-315B
Product image E-313B_ant_prosp_DX
Technical data sheet E-315B
TDM interfaces STM-1(VC12- HSL, LSL)
Max number of links 4
Output ports 2x1 Gb/s
Signalling Convertion
SS7 Signalling (MTP-2) to SIGTRAN (M2UA)
TDM Voice conversion to IP (RTP Encapsulation)
Chassis 1U
AC Redundant power supply
DC Redundant power supply
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