L2GRE/NVGRE encapsulation & decapsulation with A-630C

Microtel Innovation A-630C is a high density, high performance Network Packet Broker that delivers 32X100Gb input/output ports, each one capable to manage 100Gb, 40Gb, and 4X10Gb links. It supports core packet brokering features, which includes filtering, load balancing, replication and aggregation.

A-630C meets authentication and authorization needs of IT organizations, implementing TACACS+ security standard.

Moreover, L2GRE/NVGRE encapsulation and decapsulation are now available, enabling several use cases, like the following:

  • NFV traffic monitoring with physical tools: in order to feed physical probes, virtual traffic has to be mirrored and forwarded from the virtual infrastructure to the physical network, using tunnelling protocols such as L2GRE/NVGRE. A-630C can be the destination of these tunnels¸ terminate them, and deliver the original virtual traffic to the physical tools.
  • Save CAPEX and OPEX by optimizing the probe infrastructure, and use A-630C to forward traffic from remote sites to central probes, by means of L2GRE/NVGRE tunnels.

As very few solutions in the market, A-630C implements both L2GRE/NVGRE encapsulation and decapsulation, so making possible to unify virtual and physical visibility and to deliver traffic backhauling.

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