New A-630C licensing scheme

A new licensing scheme has been defined for Microtel Innovation high performances A-630C 10G/40G/100G Packet Broker.

This new scheme grants our customers a very aggressive pricing; on the same time it makes possible a seamless transition to 40G and 100G links packet brokering, as soon as new high capacity links are deployed or replace the existing ones.

The new licensing allow for a very easy configuration of the A-630C multi-speed Packet Broker: you only need to compose the bundle main code with the number of cages to be connected to the links, their licenses and the related transceiver, and this is done!

Important to note, the license is related to the cage: if you need to change a 10G link with a 40G link, no change is necessary, since license and transceiver remain the same. In case 100G link replaces 10G links, you need only to change the transceiver, being the license still valid!

Best price and future-proof solution is granted with the Microtel Innovation A-630C!

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