Eliminate unnecessary duplicate data copies from your system

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Key features
Product description

Packet Deduplication-DD1100 is a Smart Appliance which provides high performance de-duplication capabilities, to eliminate unnecessary duplicate data copies from your system.

DD1100 uses an onboard FPGA with acceleration features, granting top performances and high flexibility: selected packet fields are configurable for duplicate detection, with detection intervals between 66ms and 1s.

It can be used stand alone or as a Service Node with any Network Packet Brokers, from Microtel Innovation or other manufacturers.Easy to configure and start up: just connect the device to the data link and it will provide the de-duplicated packets in the output port.


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Technical Specifications
Product DD1100
Product image DD1100_ant_rendering_DX
Technical data sheet DD1100
In/out ports 4X10 Gb/s
Performances 40 Gb/s
Fiber Type
Chassis 1U
AC Redundant power supply
DC Redundant power supply
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