Microtel Innovation’s full access copper network TAP

T-200C Copper Tap at a glance

Key features
Product description

T-200 PluriTAP is the Microtel Full access copper network TAP, highly modular and with Backup Battery Power on board, it can host up to 4 TAP modules. The dual TAP module has 2 single copper Full Access TAP links, which can work at 10/100/1000Mb/s and 4 output monitoring ports with RJ45 connectors, all integrated on the front. Each TAP module is independent from the others to ensure flexibility and reliability both during installation and maintenance.


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Technical Specifications
Product T-200C
Product image T-200_ant_prosp_DX
Technical data sheet T-200C
Input/output capabilities
TAP links Up to 4 TAP modules, each with 2 TAP links Up to 8 single copper TAP links at 10/100/1000 Mb/s
Output ports Up to 16 (4 for each TAP module), RJ45 connectors
Port Status LED Link Up/Link Down/Activity: for each TAP link port and for each output port (of each TAP module)
Power Status LED For each power source: Backup Battery/PoE/Supply 1/Supply 2 (of each TAP module)
Backup Battery Power status LED Level indicator (1 for each TAP module)
Statistics and Alarms Real time statistics and counters for each input/output port SNMP Alarms
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